Ways to Boost the Immune System to Fight Coronavirus

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The following photo from the March 26, 2020 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (not yet online) shows how interleukin-7 helps fight viruses. Boosting the immune system in addition to using anti-viral or anti-bacterial drugs is called “immunotherapy.” You can read more about immunotherapy here (click)<–

The idea behind nebulized PRP is to deliver immunotherapy directly to the lungs to help prevent infection. Interleukin-7 (shown in the above diagram) is in platelets along with other cytokines and immune-enhancing peptides.

Here’s more about boosting the immune system and overall health to help prevent disease…

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Charles Runels, MD

I thought I might clear up a few questions that have come up about what rules you should follow when it comes to staying safe and staying well during the current world pandemic. In the beginning, first a little bit of the numbers and actual risk. In the beginning they were saying 2% to 4% mortality rate, but if you notice, those numbers were based on just checking the very sick, which made me question.

Now that we know the real numbers, because we’re testing not just the very sick, but South Korea especially, tested people who are not sick. You can’t really know how many people are dying with something unless you’re checking the number of people… Checking people, who are actually well, to see if they have it too. Now we know the number is probably only about one in seven, or about somewhere around 14% of the people who get coronavirus have severe symptoms. And, the mortality rate is much less than what was originally quoted. Because around 86%, the other way of looking at it, six out of seven or around 86% of the people who actually contract coronavirus have minimal if any symptoms.

So the reason I’m talking with you now is to try to answer some questions about, first of all, how to keep from getting it, which most of you already know. There’s something that hasn’t been talked about a lot, which is if you get it, what can you do to try to make sure you are one of the people in the 86% who get minimal or no symptoms? That is, what can you do specifically to help your immune system to such a way that you are more likely to survive? So when you hear people in the news, now we know sometimes young people do get very sick from it, but mostly it’s people who “have a weaker immune system” either because of their age or we because some underlying disease or medication you might be on.

So at any age we know there is research showing there are ways to actually enhance the immune system, at any age. And, a lot of it is stuff that your grandmother taught you. So first, a couple of things that there’s a lot of confusion about. How to keep from actually contracting it. One is, can you walk outside? Yes, you can walk outside. When you see the spring breakers being criticized, it’s not because they’re outside at the beach, it’s because they’re sweaty, in an undulating mass, drinking beer and dancing together. So there are too close together. Meaning, they can cough and someone can be within the six foot radius.

You can’t… If you cough, I can’t shoot my cough stuff across the room, 30 feet. It can go about six feet, so that’s really only about three. But, you give yourself a little extra buffer so no one is within your six foot radius coughing, then you’re okay. In other words, if you go through the grocery store and one question gets asked, can you go grocery shopping? In other words, if someone coughed here 30 minutes ago, is there a cloud of coronavirus still lingering in the air? And, it’s a legitimate question. I saw where another expert agreed. One of the worldwide experts agreed with one I’m about to tell you, which is no, there’s no cloud of coronavirus hanging out for three hours in the grocery store. So you have to go shopping.

I just got back from the bank. The bank teller had on gloves so that she’s not transmitting stuff, but she was six feet away from me and we did our banking stuff. She’s at work. The reason, of course, the restaurants are shut down is your waiter or waitress comes within six feet of your food and you’re within six feet of them. So things that make that happen are dangerous. But yes, you can go to your doctor’s office. Your doctor’s office is used to dealing with all sorts of infections. They’re keeping the surfaces clean, they’re used to doing that anyway. Every time there’s a flu epidemic, they have to do that.

So if you can go to the grocery store and walk around, it’s safe to do that, as long as you’re not within six feet of someone and you’re careful to wash your hands. I would shake anyone’s hand right now with coronavirus, but then I would go wash my hands very good immediately afterwards. I’m not going to catch coronavirus with a handshake, as long as I wash my hands. I’ve dealt with many people during flu epidemics as an ER doctor, again, coughed on, blood on, all sorts of things. Every body fluid you can imagine is in the emergency room and you largely don’t get sick because you wash your hands and you wear gloves. So yes, you can go to the grocery store.

Yes, if you run out of toilet paper today, you can go back tomorrow and buy it. Just wash your hands when you get home. Don’t touch your face and don’t be within a six foot radius of people who are coughing. Now, so can you walk outside? Yes, you can go to the beach, you should be able to walk around. You just can’t be at a big party where you’re all together. Now, what things could you do? Those are some common questions that are coming up, about what can I do and still be safe?

You can go to the doctor’s office, your doctor will be practicing the same things they practice during a flu epidemic. You’re going to be safe. If you go to the grocery store, you can sure go to the doctor. Now, they’re saying don’t have elective procedures. The reason for that is that you don’t want to be taking up a hospital bed with an elective, say coli cystectomy. That could be waiting until two months from now, in case they need that bed for someone who’s very sick from coronavirus virus.

If you have an… If you can go buy groceries at the grocery store, you can go in your doctor’s office and have your flu shot, get a prescription for antibiotics, get your Botox for your bruxism and your migraine headaches. Get your O-Shot for your sexual dysfunction or your new incontinence. But, you do it in a place that understands infection disease control. You don’t do it at some fly by night place, that’s pretending to know what they’re doing. Now, other…

What can you do to help keep from being sick? What can you do to be one of the people who stays well, should you catch it? Well, things to boost the immune system. Some of them are old fashioned things that your grandmother taught you, like you should be getting enough rest. We know that being happy helps the immune system, we know that. So listen to the news once a day and when you’re home, take that time to enjoy your family. Laugh with your kids, play games, make love to your spouse. Sex has been shown to help the immune system. Massage helps the immune system. You’ve got all this time, I don’t think you watch movies that are disturbing movies. Watch happy movies, watch feel good dramas, watch things that make you feel happy. Watch your movies, but watch things that make you feel happy, love on your lover, hug your babies and have fun. And, that actually helps your immune system.

Keep your nutrition good, it actually helps. I think vitamin C does help. It probably helps to even have the high dose IV vitamin C that some people do, if your doctor offers that. But, at least I think you should take… I think Linus Pauling is right, I think you should be taking 1,000 to 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C every day with your food. There’s research showing this was done and the Swiss did this study with several thousand people sitting in a sauna bath, getting your body temperature up to around 101 degrees for 14 minutes, four times a day, decrease mortality by 50%, following them over several years time and decreased risk of heart attack by 60%. But, it increases the immune system to raise your core body temperature.

It’s like you’re creating an artificial fever and when you create… The purpose for fever is it demarginates white blood cells. Most your white blood cells are adhered to the walls of your blood vessels, but when you get a fever they become free floating in the bloodstream and become more active. And, things like interferon, which has given to help treat hepatitis C, to help fight viruses. If you got coronavirus, you would want your interferon to kick in and help you fight it off. It helps you find viruses.

Well, guess what gets jacked up like crazy when you get a, raise your body temperature? Interferon and you can do that with exercise, you can and I recommend you do exercise outside, get some fresh air, get some sunshine. It helps your immune system and raise your body temperature either through exercise or you can sit in a hot bath and sit there until you feel hot and that helps your immune system. Take a cold shower. Cryo treatments, shocking the body with some cold, for a brief time, enough to kind of make you shiver a little bit, that’s enough. And, that helps the immune system, research shows it. So that could be a cold shower, it can be dumping of 10 pounds of ice in a bathtub and sitting there for five minutes, until you shiver and getting out. And, doing that once or twice a week. That’s also been shown to help depression and it lasts for up to a week. Sitting in a cold bath or being exposed to cold.

So cold, heat, exercise, sleep, happiness, sex, massage, touch, watch peaceful happy movies, not disturbing movies. Take your vitamin C, good nutrition, fresh fruits and vegetables, if you can get them. If not at least some vitamin C and a B complex. Another thing you can do, well actually what a lot of NBA players are doing this now, is you probably saw on the news where PRP is being considered as a possible… Not PRP but plasma is being considered as a possible treatment. They’re thinking of taking plasma from people who are exposed to the virus and that’s under investigation, as a possible treatment. Problem is, by the time it’s approved and available, it could be too late for some of us. And, your own plasma, the platelets in your own plasma, are what will release a lot of growth factors and the white cells in your plasma help fight infection.

So a lot of elite athletes have been nebulizing or breathing their own plasma, as a way to enhance athletic performance. And, they can use other things like amnion and exosomes, but the FDA is kind of frowning on that for now, until we do more studies. But, it’s a legitimate thing that works, that just maybe needs a little more research before we make that a standard thing. But, your plasma belongs to you, your saliva belongs to you, your blood belongs to you, your urine belongs to you, your spit, that’s yours. The FDA doesn’t regulate it and you can use your plasma, as an inhaled treatment to help improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome. Improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome, as in, make you healthier.

That’s another way of saying make you healthier. Will it prevent you from getting coronavirus? I can’t promise you that. Will it cure coronavirus? I can’t promise you that. If you already have it, you’ve got it. But, would it perhaps help keep someone… Help them be in the 86% who doesn’t get sick from coronavirus? Maybe. I think it’s worth doing. If nothing else, if you’re a basketball player, you can run faster or at least some of the NBA players will tell you that. If you’re not a basketball player, maybe you can help play the whole Monopoly game before you get tired, when you play that game with your six year old. My sister used to fuss with me because I wanted to play the whole game and she could never last. It was six hours Monopoly game, so maybe you could finish a whole six hour Monopoly game.

Bottom line, and what I’m trying to tell you is, have fun with your family. Stay happy. Realize that some people were going to die, people die every day and it’s not being callous to give yourself permission to be happy. Even when people are dying, it doesn’t mean you’re being callous. You have the right and those people that are gone would want you to love your family, make love, hug your babies and try to be as healthy as you can. So it’s a little bit longer before you joined them in the afterlife.

Now specifically, how could your doctor offer you inhalation or aerosolized therapy with your own plasma or platelet rich plasma? And, in this case, I think you even want some white cells in there to help with it and get all those cytokines and all those growth factors that are in plasma into your lungs to increase in into your nasal passages to improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome.

Well first of all, you probably need one of these. You don’t need a prescription for it. This is the one I bought for $81 bucks, at the local medical supply house. Yes, the world is running short on ventilators, but they’re not running short on nebulizers. It comes in pieces. If you want to show this, it comes… The machine that you plug in and it comes separated into a hose, a nebulizer device and a breathing device. So when you take it out of the box, you connect the tubing to the nebulizer device and then you connect the tubing to the machine. And, it doesn’t heat it, it just uses room temperature air to blow through here.

And, then you have this. Now, I’m going to demonstrate it. We’ll draw some blood, create some plasma, and put it in this in, not in the center, but in the circumferential donut shaped part on the outside, is where the plasma will go. And, then air will blow through and I can breathe my platelet rich plasma into my lungs and nasal passages and improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome. Improve the health of my lungs and nasal passages. And, maybe even my whole body by breathing my own plasma. Again, I’m not promising this will cure anything, but I’m promising you there’s good science to backup the idea, this could improve your health. Hopefully to help you resist something, namely that goes by the initials coronavirus.

So now, this should not be done at your doctor’s office because when you nebulize this, now your blood is in the air. So your doctor will draw your blood, isolate the plasma, you’ll take the plasma home and then squirt it in here and nebulize it. And, your doctor can show you how to use this using saline in the office or just sterile water. And, then when you get home you can can do what I’m about to show you. Or, you just watched this video and you’ll see how to use it. So the next step is, we’re going to draw my blood and prepare the plasma. Then, I’ll show you how to inhale it to improve the nasal pharyngeal microbiome. Say that three times real fast.

Okay, I’m going to use, there are lots of brands, I’m using Eclipse to do this one. You’ll see this has a gel at the bottom and this goes… That will become the separator, this is the anti coagulate. Then we’ll just draw my blood here and I’ll show you that step. So here is the tourniquet and I’ll just show you how easy this is. Easy and quick. I need some glasses. So you can see this is vacuum packed. So we’ll just come real… Right here, get close where they can see. You can see there’s blood coming through there. Fill this baby up.

Can you see Kate? Okay, got that off. So now we’ll take this over here. Now, if you notice the gel is still at the bottom. Stick this in here, turn that baby on. You can see we have a balancing kit, it just has water in it. Now, this is going to spin very fast. Okay. And, it will separate out my plasma now and then we’ll breathe that, I will breathe that down into my lungs to improve my immune system. The immune system and improve the nasolabial microbiome, so that hopefully I can stay healthy in the middle of people struggling to stay healthy.

Okay, so now watch what we do. We’re outside so that I’m not filling up the room with my aerosolize blood. And so, now we’ll take this and show this up close. You take this little blue cap off and the plasma goes in the circumferential space around the outside of it. So put all that right there and I can actually do a treatment today and treatment tomorrow, if I kept this in the refrigerator. We’ll just use it all right now. And, I recommend, if you really want to be wide open with this, maybe do a treatment every week or two to help you keep up with your babies better.

So now we just turn this on. If I want to take a break, I can take this and set it down right there, just kind of hooks on to that. But, I’m just going to keep breathing this until all this goes into my lungs, okay? I’m outside, my camera lady’s not at risk but I’m going to let her go inside while I finish smoking my plasma and then we’ll talk about it on the other side.

See, the level went down or maybe you can’t. But, the level went down, I used about half of the PRP. And, this will keep in the refrigerator for a week or so. People use it for eyedrops, actually for dry eyes. I’m going to put in the refrigerator and give myself another treatment. There’s a couple of things about the treatment. I was breathing deeply into my lungs and then exhaling through the nasal passages. You could use a mask instead of this and then you would be getting it, you could breathe it in through the nose, as well. This came with a mouthpiece, so it was breathing in and out through my nose.

Remember, I’m not telling you this will cure anything, that would get me cross ways with all sorts of people. I have to be very careful about our claims because I do want to be responsible and not tell you something that I don’t know to be true. Here’s what I know to be true. Plasma is being investigated as a treatment for coronavirus. Plasma, with the platelet rich plasma, the platelets are the part in your blood that actually enhances the immune system by bringing cytokines and growth factors to an area. That’s how you heal every wound. Okay, that’s a fact. We also know that professional athletes are using inhaled growth factors, like platelet rich plasma. They’ve used it for years in their joints. Tiger Woods had it in one of his joints. They use it for joints to recuperate the joints.

The dentists use it to help heal hard to heal tissue in the jaw and professional athletes are inhaling it to help enhance athletic performance. I’m not telling you this cures anything but all the science indicates that it would enhance the nasal pharyngeal microbiome and help keep you healthy in the midst of what’s going on here.

I recommend that you don’t have this done in some back alley from somebody who does not know what they’re doing. There should be a link below this video, wherever you’re watching it, preferably at the Cellular Medicine Association video, and that will take you to one of our providers that routinely handles platelet rich plasma. Knows how to handle it with kits, the kit I showed you is one of a half a dozen kits that I recommend, that are approved by the FDA, not for any particular use. But, are approved by the FDA, as a way to isolate your blood in a safe and effective manner. Effective, as in truly isolates your growth factors in your platelet rich plasma.

You should have… Your doctor should be using a kit that’s approved, not for that purpose. The kits… The tubes that are made to analyze your blood were not intended to be used to isolate blood factors that then go back into your body. That’s a different level of sterilization for different level of standardization. So your doctor should be using one of the kits that are proved, again by the FDA, for preparing plasma to go back into your body. Your doctor may also be using amnion or exosomes. All this is between you and your doctor. This is information on video.

I’m not your doctor. But, do discuss these treatments and your continued health your doctor. And hopefully you’ll either be one of the lucky ones who are either not exposed to coronavirus or if you are exposed, you’ve done everything you know to do to keep… To being one of the 86% of people who, if you are exposed and contract coronavirus, you have almost no symptoms. I’m told there’s a story where someone said to Mohammed, “I’m going to loose my camel and trusted to God.” And Mohamed said, “No, tie your camel and pray to God that your camel will be safe.” So yes, we pray to our God and we want us to be safe, we want our families to be safe.

We want our fellow human beings, of every continent and of every color, to be safe. No matter what scripture they’re reading, we want them to be safe. We want them to be well. But, let’s not just loose our camel and trust it to God. Let’s tie our camel are doing all the things we know to keep ourselves safe and just as importantly, to keep our immune systems healthy and strong. And, then trust God to keep us well. I hope this you find this helpful and I hope you’ll discuss these ideas with your physician.